Personalized Transformation

Coaching for professional clarity, transition and performance.

Welcome to our Point-Of-Power Coaching Approach™ designed to transform your potential from the only place that matters — from the INSIDE out.

Most seek career fulfillment through countless positions, achievements and business ventures. And while they may bring temporary moments of fulfillment, true lasting fulfillment can seem ever elusive. However, in creating fulfillment from the INSIDE out, deep and sustainable professional fulfillment becomes possible yet again.

Here you will get one-on-one coaching with our Founder and Lead Principle, Mark Darren Gregor, designed to help professionals create the deep and lasting career fulfillment they seek most through a uniquely profound, foundational and eye-opening journey of discovery. Through time-test inquiries, insights, and tools, clients discover how to create the professional success and fulfillment they have been dreaming of.

How coaching works

A clear path to a clear outcome


Private Coaching Sessions

Packages include a set number of private coaching hours that can be allocated across various coaching activities including inquiry, explorative, and shadow coaching. Sessions are customized to client needs and goal progression. In addition to explorative sessions, all packages include Discovery Session, The 3 Pillars of Fulfillment (values, saboteurs and goal setting), Measures of Success, Alignment Meetings (if applicable), Development Plans, Progression Tracking, and Bottomline Impact & Return.


Personalized Assessment Debrief

Clients can receive expert coaching debriefs on a variety of online assessments (Enneagram, Strengths Finder, MTBI, etc.) as well as personally-designed Qualitative 360 Assessments. Insights from assessments can often help clients expand awareness to their strengths, derailers and areas for development. They can also help create a tailored lens and language as clients navigate their next professional level.


Career Transition Courses

All private coaching packages include access to our entire library of career development courses. These self-guided courses provide clients foundational tips, tools and insight as they step into coaching, as well as a valuable post-coaching resource to support them in continuing on the journey to their next professional level.


Recordings For Later Playback

Coaching can often be so profound that it is easy to forget the countless insights that may be unearthed in any given session. Therefore, all packages come with the option to record sessions for later playback. Most clients find being able to re-listen to sessions allows them to deepen their learning and practice, while also ensuring they don’t miss a single powerful breakthrough opportunity from their coaching investment.

What client say

“In just a few months, I’ve evolved my 12-year career in the design field to starting my own business.”

“In coaching, I was able to bring focus to what I want to do and define needed actions to help me reach my goals.”
Chief Executive Officer | Gllobal Media Company

“Coaching has helped me attain a position with a company truly aligned with my personal and business values.”
Executive Team Leader | National Retailer

“I’ve discovered an ability to identify, chart and meet deadlines via my heart and passions.”
National Sales Manager | Publishing House

“Coaching has given me the skills to accomplish tasks, prioritize values, and overcome saboteurs.”
Business Owner | Fashion & Design

Let's get you back in your driver's seat!

Discover that your dream career is much closer than you think. Here you will learn how to achieve your goals while also experiencing deep professional fulfillment.

Meet your coach

A coach who has truly been there and back.

Mark Darren Gregor, M.A., PCC
Certified Diversity Supplier

Founder / Lead Principle