Deepening Breakthrough

Integrated Learning Through Group Coaching.

All our programs come with the option to add Integration Coaching.

Research has shown that learning without integration into one’s workday can lead to debilitating disempowerment. This not only impacts ourability to employ newly learned skills, but also any skill.

Our Integration Coaching provides leaders an key opportunity to go deeper in developing their skills by working with one of our certified Executive Coaches. Here leaders get personalized tips, tools and insights in how to maximize outcomes with their newly-learned skills.

Open Enrollment Monthly Forums

Clients can register for monthly Group Coaching Forums that provide an opportunity to get direct coaching from one of our certified Executive Coaches. Whether you have a specific question or not, there is so much value in simply listening in on the insights unearthed in the coaching to others' questions. Our clients find these forums enlightening, and often attend them well beyond program completion.

Cohort-Specific Program Sessions

Program participants can receive access to cohort-specific group coaching sessions with their Program Facilitator to help them go deeper with their learning between training webinars. These sessions are exceptionally valuable in helping participants maximize their practice and mastery of their new skills. Many clients find these sessions as valuable as the training sessions themselves.

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