There is a big difference between directing your calendar or having your calendar direct you.

Type: Case Study

Client: Manufacturing Company

Category: Productivity 

Need: Greater Time Optimization

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The leadership team for this manufacturing company felt as if they were drowning in a never-ending calendar of obligations to meet with employees, peers, managers, and partners. Most of them were waking up each day dreading a schedule that barely left them time to eat lunch, let alone get to the piling up “work” they still needed to complete outside of their meetings with others. And their best planned expectation that it would get better once the company got through its “busy season” proved to be a false hope as their meeting overwhelm continued to sustain itself year round. With the leadership team buried in their calendars, innovation and big picture strategy that needed to be driven by them was beginning to flail, causing the company to fall behind competitors in the marketplace.

Indicator: Feeling overwhelmed and disempowered
Indicator: Self care being dramatically de-prioritized
Indicator: Hopes for it getting better never realized
Indicator: Business performance beginning to show cracks

Recommended Solution / Approach

This scenario directly speaks to our proprietary Point of Power™ Approach. Until leaders are able to recognize where their power lies (in terms of where they still have it and where they have given it away), the will often be left powerful to create real transformation for themselves, and their teams. Beginning with fundamental exploration of how each Executive Team Member perceived their ability (power) to change the overwhelm dynamic was highlight major crevices of powerless in the executives leadership mindset. With these gaps (crevices) identified, the Executives are placed into small cohorts based on those who shared the most common underlying “powerless factors.” Each of these cohorts create an safe, inner community that allowed for honest discussion and strong accountability to help each other be better with reclaiming their point of power with their calendars, and setting healthier guidelines to help them and their teams be more effective.


Top Outcomes

  • 50% of workday freed up to focus on strategy / high-level discussion
  • Greater stepping up and ownership being demonstrated by Direct Reports
  • Increased calmness and a sense of executive presence
  • Organization is back on track with a new competitive market strategy